About us

The “Weisseco” company is an advanced enterprise that carries out a full cycle of work on the production of modern designs for facade glazing and their high-quality installation, warranty and post-warranty service. The company’s arsenal has everything necessary for these activities: a design-engineering department, production with modern automated equipment, qualified erecting crews, and a technical supervision service. At all stages of work, the “Weisseco” adheres to the international construction norms, rules and standards. The company is a certified partner of “Schüco” and uses international developments in the field of innovation.

Our design engineers develop the concept of glazing an object on the basis of the schematic drawing, outline, and design picture presented to them, and they also take care of all the calculations. Based on the proposals of the architect, the “Weisseco” will develop a technical construction plan and will present the most optimal version of the design. The installation work is carried out by qualified crews of installers, who have industry experience of many years in their specialty.

Our company guarantees fixed cost and deadlines for the work specified in the contract, high quality production and installation of glazing structures.

Stages of working with us

We value each of our clients and plan every stage of our work with the clients.


Completed projects




In cooperation with the “Weisseco”, the Customer will have the following main advantages:

  • Partnership with the “Weisseco”, a reliable and transparent company;
  • Use of the huge positive experience that we have gained over the years of glazing of objects of various types, both in purpose and in the level of complexity;
  • Minimization of the costs of the Customer for the manufacture of structures and the implementation of construction and installation works by means of a full consideration of additional work;
  • Use of the vast knowledge base of the “Weisseco” about design nodes and technical solutions;
  • Use of the services of full support and management of “turn-key” projects;
  • Warranty and post-warranty services for commissioned facilities.


Dvin Music Hall

December 4th, 2019|

The project of Dvin Music Hall façade glazing, which is part of Dvin hotel complex, was carried out with the insulated glasses of unusually large sizes: 1.8 m. and 3.2m, which were installed with using only one span. During glazing the glass of industry leader, world known British company Pilkington was used, which, due to double silver and bronze coating ensured the highest thermal insulation, light transmission,

The Alexander Hotel

December 4th, 2019|

The Alexander Hotel represents the luxury collection of world known Starwood hotel chain. For hotel’s façade glazing, the Weisseco Company applied the last generation technology: Schüco systems and triplex-insulated glasses AGC. Such insulated glasses with laminated glass technology having the highest safety and soundproofing features were used both for internal and external glazing.

COAF Smart Center

December 4th, 2019|

The Weisseco Company implemented the project of COAF SMART Center glazing in difficult conditions— in crossed areas and bent lines of the complex’s futurist architecture. The company ensured the smoothness of glazing also, taking into consideration the fact that large-sized installing glass of different geometric shapes- up to 1.6 m. in width and up to 5 m in length were necessary.



Excellent Work! Excellent Service!
Dr. Garo Armen, COAF Founder

The company Weisseco is our reliable partner in the market of facades in the Russian Federation. Modern equipment, accumulated knowledge, professionalism – these are the main qualities of the company.

We are often asked – “How do you choose partners?”
The criteria are all three: 1) Reliability, 2) Reliability, 3) Reliability.
Everything seems to be simple, and it looks like a typo … but it’s not.
In company “Weisseco” we found a partner who meets all 3 criteria.


We invite to cooperation!