Dvin Music Hall

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The project of Dvin Music Hall façade glazing, which is part of Dvin hotel complex, was carried out with the insulated glasses of unusually large sizes: 1.8 m. and 3.2m, which were installed with using only one span. During glazing the glass of industry leader, world known British company Pilkington

The Alexander Hotel

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The Alexander Hotel represents the luxury collection of world known Starwood hotel chain. For hotel’s façade glazing, the Weisseco Company applied the last generation technology: Schüco systems and triplex-insulated glasses AGC. Such insulated glasses with laminated glass technology having the highest safety and soundproofing features were used both for internal

COAF Smart Center

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The Weisseco Company implemented the project of COAF SMART Center glazing in difficult conditions— in crossed areas and bent lines of the complex’s futurist architecture. The company ensured the smoothness of glazing also, taking into consideration the fact that large-sized installing glass of different geometric shapes- up to 1.6 m.

“Opera Suite” hotel

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Weisseco Company has taken part in the construction works of Yerevan’s “Opera Suite” 15-story hotel. The hotel has been opened at September 19, 2015. The projecting and installation works of Weisseco Company in hotel included the preparation and installation of facade glazing, automatic entrance doors, aluminum doors, glass railing systems and office partitions.

DoubleTree by Hilton

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Weisseco Company has performed projecting and production installation works in the “DoubleTree by Hilton” hotel of “Hilton Worldwide” international hotel chain that has been constructed in Yerevan. It has been opened at July 18, 2015. Weisseco Company has performed the preparation and installation of facade glazing, as well as of automatic doors, metal plastic doors

Yerevan Mall

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Weisseco Company has performed a large-scaled projecting and installation works in “Yerevan Mall” big trade center, which has been opened at February 21, 2014. These works included facade glazing, roof glazing, as well as glass show windows and glass railing systems installation. Besides that, Weisseco Company has performed the projecting and installation of aluminum