The project of Dvin Music Hall façade glazing, which is part of Dvin hotel complex, was carried out with the insulated glasses of unusually large sizes: 1.8 m. and 3.2m, which were installed with using only one span.

During glazing the glass of industry leader, world known British company Pilkington was used, which, due to double silver and bronze coating ensured the highest thermal insulation, light transmission, safety and solar factor indicators. Moreover, this glass is very difficult to process, however the Weisseco Company successfully mastered the relevant technologies when implementing Dvin Music Hall project.

Here Weisseco also carried out production and installation of evacuation automatic doors in extremely large sizes: each door shutter had 1.5m width and 3m height. Schüco Company produced the door systems and leading German company Dorma produced the automatics. The doors complied with the highest international standards.

The Weisseco company carried out glazing of the façade and other facilities of Dvin hotel complex, the launching of which is envisaged in 2020.