At the “Weisseco” company structures are manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of the international standards. Aluminium elements and facades, at the suggestion of the Customer, can have a traditional or original architectural form. They are reliable and extra-strong, moisture-resistant, resistant to microorganisms, and they are also characterized by high thermal-insulating properties. The design prepared by our specialists will take into account any specific application conditions, it will provide the choice of the necessary materials in detail and the calculation of the optimal values of thermal conductivity.

Stages of translucent systems designing

At the stage of development of the conceptual design, an architectural concept is formed in accordance with the requirements of the Customer. Options for several of the proposed design solutions will differ in shades of profiles, insulation materials, size and shape of the glass. The Customer will also be offered the estimate costs calculated by us.

At the stage of approval, the following parameters are developed and confirmed:

  • architectural view of the design;
  • compliance with the requirements;
  • availability of framings;
  • availability of external boxes;
  • availability of linking nodes;
  • other technical features.

Other necessary developments are carried out, the possibility of the actual use of various construction materials and nodes is calculated.

At the stage of preparing the working documentation, after the approval of the design, calculations are made, schematic drawings are prepared, specifications are determined. Thanks to all these works, even before the “Weisseco” starts the production, the Customer will have a complete understanding of how the design will look.

Installation of structures

The “Weisseco” provides quality installation services for all the structures

The company provides comprehensive services, which include both design and production in accordance with the client’s order, and installation of structures at his construction site. In the arsenal of our team there are all the modern technologies for the installation of elemental, post-bar, spider and other types of facade glazing. The erecting crew consists of…. experienced professionals whose teams carry out the installation of glazed windows in any conditions. The quality of their technological operations is closely monitored by qualified foremen and technical supervision specialists.

In the glazing process, installation is the most important stage. The professionalism of our installation crews allows you to achieve the following goals:

  • accuracy of installation of glazed windows;
  • reliability of installation of all the elements;
  • strong joint sealing.

High-quality installation ensures reliability and long-term operation of the glass facade. A seemingly minor inaccuracy can lead to the destruction of glazing structures. To prevent such cases, our company involves experienced and qualified professional installers in the process of the installation of glazing.

At order of the installation of glass facades, the company “Weisseco” offers the following advantages:

  • consulting support and implementation of calculations and designing;
  • an integrated approach throughout the full cycle of works;
  • provision of guarantees for the installed structures;
  • post-warranty service of structures.


The glazing system includes many parts, nodes and other elements. Long operation under the influence of external factors can lead to the failure of these complex systems, to the decrease in the values of their technical characteristics and to the loss of functionality. This can happen due to the loss of tightness (hermetic state) of the glazed windows, deterioration of the seals, clogging of fittings with dust, and if urgent maintenance is not provided, the glazing system wear-out will accelerate. In this case, when the warranty period expires, the owner of the facility will not be able to cope with it without ordering expensive repairs. Therefore, to maintain a long-term operation and reliability of systems, you should use the maintenance service. The “Weisseco” company offers to use the services of a comprehensive repair maintenance.

In order to avoid the occurrence and exacerbation of defects in glazing, you can trust our highly qualified professionals who will carry out maintenance work every year. The complex of these works includes:

  • lubrication and cleaning of fittings;
  • adjustment and regulation of controlling systems;
  • lubrication and cleaning of seals;
  • cleaning of water drainage channels.

The specialists of the “Weisseco” company will compile a complete list and schedule of maintenance and restoration works based on the technical specifications of the Customer. These works will be constantly supervised by a personal manager. In case of force majeure situations, the Customer can use emergency services. The provision of such services is carried out by individual results of the repair and restoration works.

After the completion of maintenance or repair work, the “Weisseco” company will provide the Customer with a work completion certificate and a warranty card.

Stages of working with us

We value each of our clients and plan every stage of our work with the clients.


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